Inside is almost done

August 27, 2011

Here are two pics of the almost finished bed and closet area’s.  I’m hoping to have the inside done before Tuesday so we can take it up to St Maries then.



2 coats of paint

August 11, 2011

The walls have 2 coats of paint on them now.  Well, the areas that show do anyways.  All that is left for the walls is to spray my textured stuff on and they’re done.


Rough list of whats left

– Texture spray paint on the walls

– Cut plywood for the front closets and cabinet

– Stain all the wood

– Put laminate of some type of the floor

– Finish the wiring for the outlet and light

More pics

August 9, 2011

Here is a pic of the frame for the bed, and the new plywood top section (pic is a little foggy).  You can also see some of the PVC pipe for the new wiring.



Then here is a pic of the framework for the front closet and cabinets.

Starting to look good

July 29, 2011

Still a ton of work to do, but should have it at least liveable by Aug 5th when Todd wants to borrow it for St Maries.

Scrapped all the stickers and such off the outside.  Finished up sanding the moldy insulation off the inside fiberglass shell.

Last night I towed it up to dads.  We started work on the frame for the bed.  Pic is bad, sorry.


Here is a better pic of the new subfloor, without the bed framework.  The boards are really dirty from us walking on them.

More work on the scamp

July 26, 2011

I got the rust on the frame mostly sanded off, then repainted.


I also decided to pull the old wallpaper/insulation stuff off the inside of the fiberglass shell.  It’s taken probably 20-25 hours to get that moldy stuff off and cleaned up, and I probably have another 3-4 hours left.


Dad and I got half of the new subfloor put in last night.  I am going to try to finish the rest today.

Scamp all stripped down

June 23, 2011

I have stripped out all the cabinets, closets and benches and removed the floor.  All that is left is the outside shell and metal frame.  Next step is to clean it up as best I can before I work on a new floor and cabinets etc.

View of the inside through the back window.


View of the inside through the front window

Boo after a bath

January 28, 2011